August 15th Thru August 17th.
Well folks it happened again this year !  The Nor-Cal Road Knights annual campout at the Danceland Recreational Campground in McCloud, CA..  As usual, many members and their families came for the fun. Resting, Meals, Visiting, Shopping, Heritage Days and poker pretty much filled the weekend. "DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS ?" 
Since Debbie and I no longer posess a camping unit,  we decided on a day trip. Due to other non-breakable plans I chose Friday Afternoon for the visit. "BOY WAS THAT A GREAT CHOICE !! " Dinner for that evening was to be pot luck MEXICAN FOOD,  "My favorite". Without a doubt the ladies prepared their best dishes and boy were we treated like Royalty.  "THANK YOU LADIES FOR ONE FANTASTIC DINNER !!!!!! "  As usual the visiting with other members was excellent. Some members ie: Bob Baker, Chuck Creson, Lon Tatum, Dan Watson,Al & Harry Weldin, Mike Frazier, Gary Whomever, etc., etc., were pleasantly passing out their normal BALOGNA,  BULL or whatever.
Now Saturday was a different story, with a pancake
Breakfast cooked up by the boys and their significant
others, and enjoyed by all.
Now later in the evening the members were treated to a Fillet Mignon dinner also cooked by the boys. Since I wasn't there I can only tell you what I heard !  FANTASTIC !!!!
I'm jealous about Saturday but wouldn't have missed Friday night for anything.   MMM GOOD,  MMM GOOD, OUR SPECIAL LADIES ARE  MMM GOOD !!!
I would like to also say it was fantastic seeing and talking with Marilyn Weldin !!  " I LOVE YOU MARILYN "
I  appologize for leaving out a lot of names of attendees but know you had a GREAT time. 
Those who didn't make it missed a great get together.  LETS DO MORE EVENTS SOON !!!  What do you think Mr. Event Chairman ?

See a few pictures on the pictures page .
Don't forget to look  at the Members page to see the members I don't have a picture of.  If you want an upd
ate let me know. Otherwise I'll try to get pictures of those that are missing.

Club Meeting September 2, 2014

Numerous members showed up at the Monthly Meeting. Discussions covered:  Club Direction, The September and October Club Events (see the Activities page), We also discussed where the October Club Meeting will be held.
(October 7th at the Good Times Pizza Parlor in Palo Cedro,  Dinner at 6:00pm and Meeting at 7:00pm)
A vote was taken to determine if the Club wanted to remain as a Non Profit Organization or drop the Non Profit status and just become a Social Club. The vote was 100% of the
Club members attending. Voting was to become a Social Club effective 1/1/2015. We will drop our Non-Profit status at that time.
Officers will be eliminated, Money collecting activities will
also be eliminated (Including Kool April Nites). Attend the next meeting on October 7th and find out more information
about our new direction.


  YEAR  2014   

Welcome to the Nor-Cal Road Knights home page 
    The Club was established in 1988 by two Redding locals, Art Hobbs and Gary Fackler . 
    They thought of having a club for all  types of classic cars .
 With only 12 members, the first club meeting was held on September 7, 1988.
     Our membership has grown and now we have a Board of Directors and committee chair members. We welcome new members who are community-minded and have a classic car 1970 or older.
Our club is the host of the Fall Fever car show in September at the Shasta County Fairgrounds. 
    We are a nonprofit club. Profits are distributed among local charities .
    We are very active in the Kool April Nites car show with members on the board and volunteer program . 
    We hold a monthly event such as car runs, picnics, breakfast runs or potlucks, which are open to all and posted on the Club Activities page.  
    If you are looking for a club or just some company to share your interest, please join us. 


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