April 2014
The Club met at the K-Mart parking lot at 9:00am to go to breakfast at the Tierra Oaks Golf Resort in north Redding.
There were 11 families represented at K-Mart and many others showed up direct to the Resort. The Breakfast was pot luck and very tasty. In most cases the visiting with other members was fantastic. I'm not sure about a couple of couples (you can guess who) but I believe we all had a ball.
Food and I always go well together. I can't tell you exactly how many people attended but it was bunches. Those who didn't make it missed a great get together.  LETS DO MORE EVENTS SOON !!!  What do you think Mr. Event Chairman ?

May 2014 - I think I must have been sleeping as usual.

June 2014 - Everyone is on their own this month. Check out the Club Activities page for Non-Club Activities.

July 2014 - Check out the Club Activities page and don't forget to show up at our Club Events. Bring your cars and lets have a great time.
Don't forget to look at the Members page to see the members I don't have a picture of.  If you want an upd
ate let me know. Otherwise I'll try to get pictures of those that are missing.

  YEAR  2014     


Welcome to the Nor-Cal Road Knights home page 
    The Club was established in 1988 by two Redding locals, Art Hobbs and Gary Fackler . 
    They thought of having a club for all  types of classic cars .
 With only 12 members, the first club meeting was held on September 7, 1988.
     Our membership has grown and now we have a Board of Directors and committee chair members. We welcome new members who are community-minded and have a classic car 1970 or older.
Our club is the host of the Fall Fever car show in September at the Shasta County Fairgrounds. 
    We are a nonprofit club. Profits are distributed among local charities .
    We are very active in the Kool April Nites car show with members on the board and volunteer program . 
    We hold a monthly event such as car runs, picnics, breakfast runs or potlucks, which are open to all and posted on the Club Activities page.  
    If you are looking for a club or just some company to share your interest, please join us. 

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